Shakey's Ultimate Bunch of Lunch

Shakey’s Ultimate Bunch of Lunch

I grew up equating pizza with Shakey’s. That thin crust topped with different kinds of meat and cheese. I remember my first time dining at Shakey’s Ali Mall. Their menu was still printed on both sides of a paper board and I took one home.

And since my 18th birthday fell on a Holy Week, I’ve decided to forego of the debut. I treated 12 friends to Shakey’s instead. Each of us had Bunch of Lunch. It was a combo meal that consisted of a slice of pizza, a piece of fried chicken, a few pieces of mojo potatoes, a serving of spaghetti, and a half-serving of the Hot Hero Sandwich. At that time in 1987, it costs Php 24.95 each. I still had more than enough change from the Php 3,000.00 my Dad gave me.

Recently, after spending some time at the bank, I dropped by the new branch of Shakey’s along Commonwealth Avenue to eat lunch. As usual, I ordered Bunch of Lunch but this time, it’s called Ultimate Bunch of Lunch.

It now consists of a slice of Hawaiian pizza, a piece of fried chicken, a serving of spaghetti and toasted garlic bread, a serving of soup, and a small serving of Ceasar’s salad. That’s all for Php 259.00 (around $5.15 USD based on current exchange rate), beverage not included.

The soup was first served. It was a creamy mushroom soup with bits of fried chicken. It was warm and comforting to start a hearty lunch with. Then the salad was served next. The plate had slices of iceberg and Romaine lettuces with a few pieces of croutons, few slices of cucumber, carrots, and tomatoes topped with Ceasar Salad dressing. There were no bacon bits and if there were, I wasn’t able to taste it.

Then came the Bunch of Lunch itself. The spaghetti still tastes the way it used to. It was meaty and you can still taste the good combination of tomato sauce, basil, and Parmesan cheese. The fried chicken should have been great but I found it disappointing. Although it was deep fried, the center was still a little bit raw. I didn’t complain because I already heard someone from the next table do it. I was almost done with my meal anyway. I ended the meal with the slice of Hawaiian pizza. It was a thick crust topped with tomato sauce, cheese, ham and pineapple tidbits. If given a choice, I’d rather have my pizza thin crust, the Shakey’s way.

Overall, it was a full filling meal at a reasonable price. But how I wish I could request a thin slice pizza and a well-done fried chicken on my next order.


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