Greenwich Overload Meal 5

Greenwich Overload Meal #5

It was a busy day for me and I haven’t slept yet. After working online at night, I had to stay awake to go to the bank, pay bills, and process some documents during business hours. So when lunch time came, I decided to eat at Greenwich Ever Gotesco Commonwealth branch.

It’s been years since I have visited this pizza parlor. Greenwich Pizza was founded in 1971 by Cresida Tueres and it became popular in the ’80s.  Back then, they used to have a rectangular pizza that was cut into square slices. If I remember correctly, they’re the ones who introduced the square slices or what we now call the “party cut”. This was intended for a group to share. They also have solo-sized pizza, pasta (spaghetti, lasagna, and baked macaroni), and tacos. My favorites were the Greenwich Special (their best-seller) and the tacos.

In 1994, Jollibee Foods Corporation acquired 80% of the Greenwich shares which resulted to drastic changes. Aside from expanding its branches from 50 outlets to more than 200 throughout the country, it also changed its menu, removing the tacos from the list. (I felt disappointed at that time.) In 2006, Jollibee bought out the remaining shares of its partners.

As I was looking at their current menu, I found out that they no longer serve my favorite Greenwich Special. So my two favorites items that made me love Greenwich in the first place are gone.

I ordered a solo meal called Greenwich Overload Meal #5. It consists of spaghetti, a slice of Hawaiian Overload pizza, and a glass of Coke for Php 99.00 (around $1.97 USD based on current exchange rate). I’ve noticed that the pasta was drenched with tomato sauce. You could see on the picture that it covered the pasta. The pizza was thick crust, much different from the Greenwich pizza I used to know. It has slices of ham, pineapple tidbits, green bell pepper, and mozzarella cheese. Personally, I found nothing special on both pasta and pizza. Probably because I’m already used to the taste that there was nothing different that I should have noticed.


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