McDonald's Mushroom Pepper Steak

McDonald’s Mushroom Pepper Steak

As the first working day of the week, Mondays are usually the busiest. I claimed my NBI clearance at Robinson’s Novaliches and despite coming in early, I still had to endure the long queue (my number was 156!). So I finally got my clearance past twelve noon so I had to eat lunch.

Having been employed in a call center in that area, I know the common fast food outlets available. (I’ve been here, used to eat here.) So one of my common options: McDonald’s at the ground floor. So I ordered their new item: Mushroom Pepper Steak.

I ordered the 1-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak meal that comes with rice and regular-sized soft drink. It was served as a single burger patty, with creamy and spicy mushroom sauce, and topped with a few slices of button mushroom. Obviously, it’s McDonald’s attempt to come up with another version of the Salisbury Steak popularized by other fast food chains.

The patty was small and not as thick as their Quarter Pounder.  Instead of the usual brown gravy, a creamy white mushroom sauce was generously spread on top of the patty. The sauce was spicy; more peppery than spicy as I saw ground black pepper and small bits of green pepper. The spice stayed on my lips for a few minutes. Thank goodness, an ice-cold soft drink was there to quench the spicy heat in the mouth. I thought one piece was enough but I was wrong. I should have ordered the 2-piece Mushroom Pepper Steak meal.

It was an affordable treat at Php 55.00 (around $ 0.91 USD). Too bad, my daughter hates mushrooms. She would have loved the spicy patty with hot steamed rice.



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