Angel's Cheeseburger and Mug Rootbeer

Angel’s Cheeseburger


In need of a snack or a hurried sandwich for lunch? Those yellow stalls you see in almost every corner that stays open for 24 hours are there for that purpose. I was doing an errand in an unlikely place and was still out until lunch time. So I dropped by the nearest Angel’s Burger stall  and ordered cheeseburger.  It’s one of those greasy spoon burger stalls available on the street. They’re famous for their “buy one, take one” promo on their regular burger and cheeseburger. One order of cheeseburger is reasonably priced at Php 34.00 (that’s around $ 0.70 USD).  Add a drink and you’ll have two cheeseburgers and a Pepsi product of your choice for a dollar.

You’ll be able to watch the food crew prepare as the stall is open on three sides. Standing in front of a stainless steel flat grill, she brought out two patties and grilled them on a small amount of oil. On the far end of the grill she cut two buns and heat them to slightly toast on both sides. Once the bread were heated a little, the food crew would spread mayonnaise on both inner sides of the buns. Then she placed a slice of cheese on one side, and the cooked patty on the other. She would then top the patty with banana catsup before folding the cheeseburger and wrap it in plastic.

The cheeseburgers were served hot together with an ice-cold softdrink. I prefer root beer so I ordered a bottle of Mug. You’ll see in the photo that my bread turned brown due to toasting. The size of the patty was not big enough to match the size of the bun, though. Also, I’m not a banana catsup fan, so the red-orange tinge on the bread may not appeal to me. One cheeseburger may not be filling if you’re really hungry, so you need to consume the other unless your stomach is too small.



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