KFC am steak bowl

KFC A.M. Steak Bowl

While I waited for the Fairview Center Mall (FCM) to open, I decided to eat breakfast at Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC), FCM branch. It opens at 7:00 am and used to serve their regular fare back then. However, things have changed when they started serving breakfast until 10:00 am.

Blame another known fast food chain for starting this trend: serving only breakfast menu items until 10:30 am and nothing else. So if I’m craving for my favorite burger on an early morning, I may have to wait until breakfast time is over.  To me, that’s torture.

I ordered the A.M. Steak Bowl. It is fried chicken breast fillet over garlic fried rice with scrambled egg on the side and served with brewed coffee. Compared to other chicken breast fillet breakfast meals, this is expensive for 99.00 PHP (that’s about 1.99 USD). And if you get in early, you can grab a free copy of the Philippine Daily Inquirer at the counter.

The chicken breast fillet was small but thick enough, fried the KFC way, topped with a small amount of gravy sauce. I prefer scrambled eggs so I was delighted that they serve it that way. (Unlike in other fast food outlets that I always have to instruct them to make their sunny side up fried eggs well done.)  At the bottom was the garlic fried rice which was not garlicky. I couldn’t taste the garlic! But what I’ve tasted was the tinge from a well-known liquid seasoning they put into the fried rice. The brewed coffee was typical, nothing fancy, so common. It was so far different from the coffee that was served to me years ago: the smell and taste of it was undeniably from a specific brand of coffee.

Upon scanning the headlines from the newspaper, I decided to read them later as nothing attracted my interest.  It’s good to have my writing tools with me as I write down notes while observing my environment. What caught my interest was a couple of ladies having breakfast while discussing a showbiz personality. What a character study! Maybe I should put her as one of my characters in my next novel.



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